Our History



Brentwood had its first beginning in the year 1957 by a Pastor named John Chick.  He and his family arrived from Missouri, driving  a car and pulling a little trailer with all their belongings.  They arrived in Roanoke with  $2.47 in their pocket.  Their first meeting place was a house on Oliver Avenue.  From there, they began to use the VFW hall on Preston Avenue near Williamson Road.                   

On July 23rd, 1961,  Pastor Jesse Powell and wife Nilda arrived to take over the work.   The work was organized by Central Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia, where Brother Thornton Hall pastored. Property on Plantation Road was purchased from a farmer, and not long thereafter, ground was broken to build the building  where  Brentwood Baptist Church now stands.  Brother Powell was here from 1961 until 2013.  He retired from the pastorate when Pastor Ken Johnson came in 1998.                    Brother Johnson pastored for nine years and began to have some serious health issues for which cause he resigned from the ministry.  From 2009 until 2013, Brother Powell stepped back in to act as pastor while the church prayed and sought another man.  In 2010, Bro. Powell called Bro. Rodney Spears in Peru asking him to pray that God send someone to pastor the church.  That phone call wasn't a mistake, although Brother Spears was sure it was at the first.   God used it to instill God's call on the Spears to come to Brentwood Baptist Church.            

The Spears came home for furlough in 2013.  They visited the church to seek God's guidance.  Brother Rodney Spears  was called by the church as pastor in June of 2013.  He and Rebekah continued to finish their furlough, visiting churches that supported their missionary endeavors in Peru.   They went back to Peru to finish up their ties there.  Saying goodbye to the people that they had worked with and loved was hard, but they felt compelled to follow the Lord's leading.  Brother Spears' first Sunday as pastor was October 6, 2013.  They started with a few faithful people and slowly God added precious souls to the membership.  It is an honor and privilege to serve our King and Saviour, be it on the foreign fields or here at home.